About Me

My Experience


After 20 years in corporate marketing and public relations, as well as 11 years as a full-time freelance writer, I have the expertise you need. I understand the importance of your brand, and how every word on your website, in your speeches and sales videos, press releases, and social media posts must amplify your brand's identity. 

I've worked with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, businesses in the process of rebranding themselves,  Fortune 100 companies launching into new markets and supported countless advertising agencies and SEO professionals. I bring my travels, industry experience and zest for life to each and every project. 

My Approach


After a lifetime of travel and adventures (and a degree in Psychology), I've learned how to break through the noise with writing that compels people to act. First, we'll start by exploring your goals and then create a project to match your budget. Next, we'll do a test piece to hone the style and voice of the project to complement your brand's identity. Then, I'll start writing for you!

Why Me?


I'm a creative, but also a strategic thinker. Just think of all of the words in the English language you can choose  to paint your company in the best light. Anyone can write, but writing well to capture the attention of your target audience is a different story. Let me help you position your business in the best light possible to help turn prospects into clients.